Dog Medical Boarding In Beaverton

Please fill out this online Dog Boarding information form for all pre-arranged boarding at Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital in Beaverton, Oregon. If you do not have a boarding reservation, you must call us at 503-536-2390 to schedule boarding before filling out this form.

Boarding Web Form

Information in this web form is transmitted via a secure internet connection and is only accessible by Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital Staff. You may also download the form PDF and bring it with you to the hospital. 

  • Your pet’s health and comfort are our primary concern. All pets must be flea free. We require the following items to be up-to-date prior to your pet's boarding reservation:

    1. Current examination with one of our doctor’s prior to their scheduled stay
    2. Proof of Current Vaccinations (Rabies, DAP, Influenza and Bordetella)
    3. A negative fecal test

    If your pet has a sensitive stomach and/or requires a special diet, please bring your pet's food for their boarding stay. This will help your pet avoid health and/or digestive issues. Otherwise, we will feed your pet Purina EN diet from our stock.

  • Medications

  • Any medication to be administered during your pet's boarding stay must be supplied in the original prescription bottle or container. Medication presented in any other way will not be accepted or administered. This is to ensure all medications are administered correctly and appropriately for your pet's health care.
  • Name & StrengthInstructionsLast Given 
    Add a new row
  • (if your dog has boarded for more than five days.)
  • Other services, such as nail trims, professional grooming and anal sac expression
    need to be scheduled by appointment. Our staff can provide a price quote.

    • Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital is not staffed 24 hours a day.
    • If a medical problem is discovered or an emergency should occur during my pet’s stay, I understand that care will be provided and agree to pay for all necessary treatment.
    • I have read and agree to all terms of the boarding contract listed above.
    • I understand that boarding rates are charged by the night.
    • I agree to pay in full for all services rendered at the time of discharge.